4A Golf Boys : Winter Creek Golf and Country Club - Blanchard, OK (May 10-11, 2021)

Scores will be available once Scorecards are confirmed after each round : 6A finished in 2 rounds


TEAMRound 1Round 2Round 3TOTAL
Cascia Hall302296310908
Elk City303297327927
Holland Hall325314318957
Heritage Hall324317336977
Broken Bow3873653761128


PLAYER (TEAM)Round 1Round 2Round 3TOTAL
Tres Hill (Elk City)696771207
William Sides (Cascia Hall)686872208
Drew Mabrey (Holland Hall)757072217
Mack Weems (Ada)767279227
Zach Decker (Grove)817373227
Carson Newton (Seminole)787277227
Jake Dukes (Cascia Hall)787775230
Kolby Legg (Cushing)737978230
Max Garza (Mount St Mary)807775232
Jack Gero (Cascia Hall)767682234
Henry Hooten (Heritage Hall)758079234
Nathan Womack (Elk City)757684235
Michael Huff (Ada)807482236
Koen King (Tuttle)787880236
Jacoby Riggs (Grove)798177237
Kyle McLaughlin (Heritage Hall)767290238
Jordan Butler (Cushing)827879239
Toufue Vue (Oologah)837284239
Colin Hacker (Blanchard)807981240
Conner Whitworth (Poteau)797685240
JJ Peters (Cascia Hall)867581242
Travis Poole (Elk City)807785242
Cannon Riley (Holland Hall)778880245
Will Albers (Cascia Hall)808086246
Aden Schmidt (Elk City)797790246
John McKee (Holland Hall)828283247
Tristun Burnham (Kingfisher)798287248
Cooper Shields (Bristow)818682249
Blake Hill (Kingfisher)778884249
Jackson Lupp (Bristow)828088250
Evan Goold (Newcastle)808290252
Josh Garrison (Oologah)918083254
Mason Schmidt (Elk City)907887255
David Anderson (Ada)918184256
Jaxon Jennings (Broken Bow)878683256
Drew Kenney (Heritage Hall)898285256
Matthew Smith (Heritage Hall)848389256
Ayden Korn (Holland Hall)928084256
Holt Heldebrand (Holland Hall)918283256
Roger Smith (Heritage Hall)918483258
David Johnson (Ada)918187259
Conner Compton (Bethany)868886260
Jacob Mader (Oologah)878489260
Mark Douglas (Tuttle)919282265
Easton Latta (Stilwell)978589271
Baylor Bishop (Broken Bow)998295276
Malik Edd (John Marshall)918897276
Ethan Williams (Tuttle)989288278
Braxton Turner (Bridge Creek)8893102283
Andrew David (Bethany)969593284
Gauge Merz (Wagoner)979297286
Nathaniel East (Grove)1019593289
Brandon Pickle (Poteau)9110792290
Micah Lloyd (Poteau)9510096291
Derek Layton (Ada)1089095293
Cayden Sherwood (Cushing)9110399293
Gavin Burton (Cushing)10091102293
Wesley McCoy (Broken Bow)999897294
Kyle Williams (Tuttle)8992113294
Brant Walker (Miami)1059794296
David Cannon (Cache)9910791297
Zane Malone (Grove)10410193298
Justin Carter (Wagoner)10094106300
Cale Bible (Broken Bow)10299101302
Davin Reed (Bethany)10098108306
Brady Wise (Cache)10695110311
Tyler Case (Grove)105100110315
Ben Campos (Broken Bow)106103107316
Ethan McBee (Poteau)95110117322
Alden Konnerman (Cache)112105110327
Jack Walker (Cache)113100114327
Ty Stephens (Oologah)106114107327
Myles Freeman (Tuttle)110100119329
Andrew Toms (Cache)106120105331
Kyle Lynn (Bethany)105109123337
Nate Jordan (Poteau)108110121339
Carson Candler (Cushing)111114133358
Wes Oliver (Oologah)126122119367
Carson Stoops (Bethany)131115123369